About Us

ERG, founded in 1984 and headquartered in the Boston area, has helped its clients protect the environment, improve worker health and safety, ensure the safety of food and drugs, and develop and implement strategies for sustainability. Blue Earth Consultants, a Division of ERG, founded by Dr. Tegan Churcher Hoffmann in 2005 and merged with ERG at the end of 2016, is a management consulting firm, with a portfolio of more than 150 projects completed for a multitude of clients in the United States and internationally. We specialize in developing sustainable solutions to complex, multi-faceted marine and terrestrial issues. We work with communities, businesses, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and governments to provide the best ideas and consulting services that help improve resource management and sustainable practices around the world. Blue Earth Consultants recommends innovative and practical tools and strategies and assist in the creation of institutions, programs, and projects that realize significant returns for the environment and social welfare. Although Blue Earth Consultants works in many places around the globe, the firm has extensive expertise designing solutions for clients working in California and the U.S. West Coast, South Asia and the Pacific, and Mexico and the Wider Caribbean.

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Our Mission

Blue Earth Consultants’ mission is to provide globally the best ideas and consulting services for communities, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and governments to improve resource management, sustainable practices, and environmental and social resiliency.

Core Values

Integrity: We will serve our clients with honesty and sound advice, and will always put their interests first.

Partnership: We will leverage our extended network of organizations, professionals, and
resources and use existing building blocks whenever possible to save time and money. We will work in partnership with our clients, stakeholders, and colleagues to find innovative solutions.

Excellence: We will perform our work with intelligence and exceed expectations. We strive for excellence and produce tangible results.

Compassion: We will be compassionate towards the people and places where we work.

Sustainability: We will strive to be a green business and constantly try to have as small a
footprint as possible upon our planet.

  • Blue Earth Consultants, a Division of ERG    email:    phone: 510.268.8207    mail: 283 4th Street, Suite 202, Oakland, CA 94607