Our clients understand our deep commitment to helping them think through challenging processes and collaborate on ways that ensure effective sustainable solutions for their organization. We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from clients.

  • “Blue Earth worked closely with us to provide the deep analytical and project management support we needed to produce a strategic plan that is helping us transform our approach to conservation and science at the Aquarium.” — Margaret Spring, Monterey Bay Aquarium


  • “I find Blue Earth’s team to be passionate, professional, timely with deadlines and attentive to our foundation’s particular needs for levels of information based on audience. They work efficiently and effectively to meet our needs.” — Peter Bryant, Walton Family Foundation


  • “Blue Earth’s staff is extremely knowledgeable on issues related to ocean and coastal management and are able to draw upon their expertise within California and beyond to deliver cutting-edge and solutions-oriented ideas and products. Blue Earth has worked as a facilitator with OPC and has successfully brought together representatives across multiple agencies and entities to inspire collaboration. Blue Earth ensures that all participants are heard and works to design meetings and an overall process that is efficient and results-oriented.” — Catherine Kuhlman, California Natural Resources Agency and Ocean Protection Council


  • “Blue Earth Consultants has been an integral partner to Resources Legacy Fund Foundation in its support of marine protected area network implementation in California. Specifically they have played strong role in advancing implementation by facilitating the coordination and planning of California’s natural resource agencies. Blue Earth has significantly improved collaboration across agencies and has helped to map out a plan and prioritize for the next five years.”— Michael Mantell, Resources Law Group


  • “Having worked with Blue Earth Consultants on multiple projects, I can speak to their ability to go above and beyond to ensure our organization’s needs are met at the highest standard. They are extremely thorough in their research and are able to translate information that is often dense and complex into easy to understand and high quality, informative resources.” — Michael Mantell, Resources Law Group


  • “Blue Earth Consultants conducted a robust, in-depth review of country-scale fisheries governance and policy to help Oceana scope new opportunities. This work was performed on a highly ambitious timeline, and Blue Earth produced information that was extremely thorough and valuable to inform Oceana’s future efforts.” — Andy Sharpless, Oceana


  • “Blue Earth Consultants has been a long-term advisor of the California Ocean Science Trust.  The team has strong experience in science integration and ocean and coastal issues here in California and elsewhere. They consistently provide work that goes above and beyond what is expected, and their contribution to our organization is invaluable.” — Skyli McAfee, California Ocean Science Trust


  • “Very professional work, they have a team that guides and leads you throughout the process. Their suggestions and recommendations are concrete and accurate.” — Keith Alger, Rare


  • “Blue Earth Consultants’ mid-term evaluation of our Belize marine program was comprehensive and insightful. Their methodology was efficient and thoughtful, and the report provided was readable and concise.  The lessons learned and forward-thinking recommendations gave us an objective critique and new ideas to build upon our success and further focus the strategy and objectives of our conservation efforts in Belize.”— Caleb McClennen, Wildlife Conservation Society


  • “Blue Earth Consultants consistently provides outstanding service to the Center for Ocean Solutions. The firm’s diverse skill set has allowed us to draw upon them for support on a variety of both rapid turnaround and long-term projects and tasks. Their products are reliably high-quality and the team is responsive, thorough, and easy to work with.” — Meg Caldwell, Center for Ocean Solutions, Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University


  • “We have worked and continue to work with Blue Earth Consultants on a number of key strategic initiatives, for which they have provided due diligence, feasibility assessments, and program evaluations. We have been impressed with the quality of their results, products, and facilitation expertise, and view them as an integral part of our network that helps Ecotrust achieve impactful outcomes.”— Astrid Scholz, Ecotrust


  • “Blue Earth Consultants helped to streamline the merger and organizational strategy between two very distinguished Bay Area organizations, Aquarium of the Bay and The Bay Institute. They helped us focus in on the critical needs of the newly merged organization and build out a strategic plan, which incorporated the insights and opinions of board, leadership, and staff. Their work on our strategy and operations facilitated the creation of a stronger, more cohesive organization that will create greater impact and foster conservation outcomes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.”— John Frawley, The Bay Institute | Aquarium of the Bay


  • “Blue Earth was extremely flexible in meeting our changing needs, and ended up doing a piece of work that was very informative to the development of our strategy.”— Kristin Sherwood, The Nature Conservancy


  • “Blue Earth is very efficient in its work and clear with communication. They are honest about how much they can accomplish within a given timeframe and budget. They are dedicated to the quality of the products that they produce, so much so that they will always go the extra mile to ensure a good result.”— Kristin Sherwood, The Nature Conservancy


  • “We are very pleased with the products Blue Earth Consultants produced to inform Environmental Defense Fund Mexico’s strategic planning process. They were very thorough in their analysis and efficient at leveraging their expertise, network, and knowledge of issues in the Gulf of California to help provide valuable insights and recommendations to inform the future direction of our work in the region and increase the environmental and social impact of our program.” — Pedro Zapata, Environmental Defense Fund


  • “Blue Earth Consultants’ professional work for SLOSEA has been invaluable to our organization.  They provided strong advice based on extensive science landscape research and analysis, which they went above and beyond to produce.  The team’s insights are helping Cal Poly and SLOSEA develop a long-term strategy for the organization’s sustainability.”— Dean Wendt, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Science and Ecosystem Alliance (SLOSEA)


  • “Blue Earth Consultants facilitated the development of the initial bylaws and charter for the Gulf of California Marine Endowment (GCME) which led to securing seed funding.  We hired them again to draft a comprehensive fundraising strategy for the GCME, which provided critical insights that will improve our effectiveness in fundraising for this effort.  The team not only presented highly original ideas and consistently went the extra mile meeting deadline after deadline, but was also fun to work with.”— Lorenzo Rosenzweig, Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza A.C


  • “The Sonoran Institute Upper Gulf of California program was very impressed with the quality of the program evaluation completed by Blue Earth Consultants. From start to finish there was excellent communication from Blue Earth Consultants staff to explain the evaluation process, the methods being used, and results they obtained. Although the evaluation was conducted externally, we appreciated how Blue Earth also encouraged our feedback throughout the process. Their comprehensive evaluation provided excellent analysis of the effectiveness and success of the program that included invaluable viewpoints and suggestions from people involved in the Delta, as well as the professional outsider recommendations from Blue Earth themselves.”— Francisco Zamora, The Sonoran Institute


  • “We would recommend Blue Earth Consultants to other organizations and programs for their level of professionalism and expertise provided…and would use their services again if the need arises.”— Francisco Zamora, The Sonoran Institute


  • “Thank you very much for your work, concentration, and energy put in this evaluation. It is the first time I came out of an assessment happily thinking I got an amazing tool box to improve our work.”— Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo, Comunidad y Biodiversidad


  • “We believe that the Blue Earth Consultants were an excellent choice to guide us through a new strategic planning and visioning process. Their insights in regards to groups working in our study area (Gulf of California, Mexico) were extremely helpful and their understanding of the political and funding landscape we are navigating critical. I was especially impressed by their ability to listen and distill what we were saying quickly into our vision and mission statements, value proposition, core competencies, and new logic model. Over the years I have worked with a number of consultants and am really impressed with the Blue Earth team.”— Anonymous NGO


  • “Blue Earth Consultants helped us create a strategy for mainstreaming methods for assessing fish stocks with limited data, critical for stemming the decline of fisheries worldwide. We especially appreciated the extensive research that Blue Earth Consultants conducted – it was invaluable for understanding our niche and value-add – as well as excellent meeting facilitation and follow up.”— Rod Fujita, Environmental Defense Fund


  • “Blue Earth Consultants has been instrumental in helping the Forestry Team align goals, and advance the development of our partnership engagement strategy and outreach materials.  With their help, we are moving forward on the development of our environmental, social, governance program and I am excited to start the partnership marketing process.”— John Earhart, Global Environment Fund
  • Blue Earth Consultants, a Division of ERG    email:    phone: 510.268.8207    mail: 283 4th Street, Suite 202, Oakland, CA 94607