Strategic Communications

Blue Earth Consultants’ clients require the best tools and products to help showcase and convey their organization’s vision, mission, goals, programs, priorities, and achievements. Our team specializes in producing diverse, effective communication and outreach materials, website management, ghost blogging, and webinars for a variety of audiences, such as government, academics, nonprofits, and foundations. We can evaluate your organization’s current brand and develop marketing collateral that reflects the strengths of the brand. We have extensive experience synthesizing and translating complex information into readable and understandable products, which leverage and ensure wide readership and awareness. Our team uses in-house design experience and works directly with a trusted team of professional designers to produce graphically designed brochures, PowerPoints, and internal and external reports.

In addition, we help our clients identify and bridge gaps between the producers and users of scientific information to improve the integration of science into policy and decision-making processes. Many of these opportunities are based on expanding understanding, communication, and collaboration among institutions, scientists and decision-makers, natural scientists and social scientists, and scientists and the media.

Strategic Communications Services

  • Marketing Collateral
  • Website Management
  • Communication Plans
  • Webinar Development
  • Graphically Designed Brochures and Reports


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