Services and Expertise

Blue Earth Consultants combines depth of experience, thoughtful process, and fresh insights to deliver tailored solutions that meet our clients’ goals, on time and in budget. We focus the talents of our multi-disciplinary team to produce high-quality results across a wide spectrum of services, topics, and geographies.

Our team brings topical expertise in:

Natural Resource Management and Governance

  • Area-based management and spatial planning
  • Climate change impacts, policy, and solution strategies
  • Community-based management
  • Environmental policy
  • Indigenous and community rights and resources
  • Institutional arrangements and governance
  • Land-sea connections
  • Science integration
  • Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
  • Stakeholder landscape across sectors
  • Sustainable strategies for multiple scales of intervention
  • Sustainable fisheries management
  • Sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable Business and Finance

  • Ecosystem services values and markets
  • Fundraising
  • Innovative long-term financing
  • Private sector sustainability
  • Social and environmental return on investment (ROI)
  • Sustainable certifications and standards
  • Sustainable development

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Capacity building
  • Governance and operations
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks
  • Partnerships
  • Strategic Communications

In addition to our topical expertise, Blue Earth Consultants has a strong understanding of the resource management and conservation contexts within the following geographies.

Geographic Expertise

  • United States (with specific focus on Pacific Coast)
  • Mexico (with a specific focus on the Gulf of California and Quintana Roo)
  • Central America (including the Mesoamerican Reef)
  • The Insular Pacific
  • Southeast Asia

Although we refine each project to clients’ needs, we apply our core approach to most projects. Our work is participatory in nature; it engages the clients in identifying key goals, outcomes, and relevant resources in the course of a project. It draws on leading natural and social science research methods, including content analysis and semi-structured interviews and can, if desired, entail peer review. It connects information from different, relevant scales and sectors, allowing for innovative integration of knowledge. Finally, it focuses on real-world realities and practical, effective solutions.

  • Blue Earth Consultants, a Division of ERG    email:    phone: 510.268.8207    mail: 283 4th Street, Suite 202, Oakland, CA 94607